Definition of beg-pardon in English:



NZ, Australian
  • 1An apology.

    • ‘Men, women and children hurried past her, some crashing into her without so much as a 'beg pardon.'’
    • ‘The president immediately arose, and with evident embarrassment, and many preliminary beg-pardons, said that he hoped the members of the club would excuse him.’
    • ‘They would jump a queue ahead of me without so much as a beg pardon or thank you.’
    • ‘Maybe there are too many beg-pardons in County cricket.’
    • ‘At the outset, he passes other philosophers with barely a beg pardon to make a big call, which is that truth has a higher value than any of the other transcendent principles.’
    what did you say, what, eh, i beg your pardon, beg pardon, sorry, excuse me, say again
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    1. 1.1usually in phrase no beg-pardons A concern for politeness or restraint.
      ‘there were no beg-pardons and matches were fought out fiercely’
      • ‘No beg pardons; the goal is absolute annihilation.’
      • ‘It was toppled from its commanding position by hungry capital-laden offshore firms who moved into its domain with no beg-pardons.’
      • ‘They would have played hockey and soccer, in matches with no beg-pardons, but also no players to writhe about on the ground with feigned injury.’
      • ‘There were no beg-pardons in exchanges between the advocates for Continuance and those of Prohibition.’
      • ‘Later today, there'll be no beg-pardons as they battle North Footscray for a place in the semifinals.’
      • ‘It's a ruthless game, but we make no apologies, take no prisoners, offer no beg-pardons, and love a good night's sleep as much as the next person.’