Definition of before Christ in English:

before Christ


  • See Christ

    full form of BC
    • ‘Archaeologists continue to search the undersea area, hoping to uncover more mysteries from a once prosperous city that existed more than 300 years before Christ.’
    • ‘Some 3,000 years before Christ, Egyptians lived under an orderly government, built great structures and had acquired the art of writing.’
    • ‘The Buddha who lived 500 years before Christ discovered that despite the fact that all sentient beings desire to be happy and want to avoid suffering, that in fact just the opposite is true - that life is characterized by suffering.’
    • ‘Tobacco is believed to have been grown in the Americas for many thousands of years, and native Americans are thought to have discovered ways of using the plant, including smoking the leaves, a thousand years before Christ.’
    • ‘Not on display at this exhibition, but a brick that interested me considerably was one made in Babylon at the time of Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon, six hundred years before Christ, complete with inscription.’