Definition of before (or in front of or under) one's (very) eyes in English:

before (or in front of or under) one's (very) eyes


  • Right in front of one (used for emphasis)

    ‘he saw his life's work destroyed before his very eyes’
    • ‘Lansye were so old that most of them had seen at least several generations live and die before their eyes.’
    • ‘Then she climbed up to the top of my head and lay sprawled there, her chin on my forehead and front paws hanging in front of my eyes.’
    • ‘Then it was like in the movies when people's lives passed in front of their eyes.’
    • ‘I've been hooked to my TV set over the last ten days, eagerly awaiting the latest developments happening live before my very eyes.’
    • ‘And the elderly grandparents carry the images of that van flying into their front yard and of their grandson dying before their eyes.’
    • ‘Morris always wanted people to recognise that Carnival design was an art - to accept the spectacle in front of their eyes as a genuine, living artistic achievement.’
    • ‘He may well be right, but the perceived notion that Beattie is a restricted footballer, useful only as a target man seems to me to ignore the physical evidence in front of one's eyes.’
    • ‘In the business, it's called rolling news - live footage of a breaking story that unspools before our very eyes.’
    • ‘There has never been a day quite like September 11, a day on which history ran before our eyes, recorded live for the television.’
    • ‘Then before his very eyes, the seemingly solid wall in front of him opened.’
    in person, before one's eyes, in front of one, before one's very eyes, in one's presence
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