Definition of befogged in English:



  • Incapable of clear thought; confused.

    ‘a thought swam through my befogged mind’
    • ‘This seems to me to be the lesson of any view of the human prospect that is not befogged by groundless hopes.’
    • ‘Gradually the sound fades into the distance, looming all the while like an increasingly befogged Fall Of The House Of Usher.’
    • ‘I have seen this work twice now, and am still happily befogged by it.’
    • ‘In a world befogged by superficiality, moments of clarity are few and far between.’
    • ‘My brain was too befogged to wonder why she had been led there.’
    • ‘In an area as difficult as climate science, in which all is complex and befogged, it takes a while to see what one is not prepared to look for.’
    • ‘As in life so in poetry, there's need for space, caesura the moment that brings forth brief befogged epiphanies.’
    • ‘Through a constricted throat and a befogged reason, I heard myself mutter something about the disparity of our stations.’
    • ‘Besieged, befogged, we don't dare to voice the simmering question: "When will it ever end?"’
    • ‘If Bleak House was befogged, Our Mutual Friend is watery and ashed-upon.’
    • ‘Or is the evidence and environment so befogged with uncertainty that the best analysts can offer the National Security Council is a 0.3 level of confidence?’
    • ‘Challengers Juve, who play Vicenza today, are currently befogged in speculation.’
    • ‘We imagined Britain to be a cold, befogged island of coal surrounded by fish.’
    • ‘Therefore, we do well by starting from the beginning, because all social thought is befogged by prevailing historical circumstances.’
    • ‘Befogged we have been, and don't take my word for it.’