Definition of beery in English:



  • 1Influenced by the drinking of beer in large amounts.

    ‘many beery pledges were made’
    • ‘The prison guards geared up for their usual round of parties and beery cheer.’
    • ‘In the middle of this smoky, beery evening, a tall, lanky figure walks onstage wearing a grotesque hare-lipped mask.’
    • ‘I'm often at my sarcastic best with a beery head on me at 9am in the morning.’
    • ‘Every space along the route was packed with people - office workers, beery rugger types, cheering pensioners and schoolchildren who really should have been elsewhere.’
    • ‘Morrison rouses himself out of his beery reverie.’
    • ‘The times I was just having a beery laugh with my friends, times when we shared in each other's extrovert abandon, each other's dippy oblivion.’
    • ‘We went out with the staff last night for a bit of a pub crawl (thanks for the invite), and a fairly pleasant, and beery night was had by all.’
    • ‘The event was a humdinger of a house-warming, with sublime moments and a mood that veered between a classical music concert and a beery knees-up at a wedding.’
    • ‘A cause for the annual eruption of beery national pride in much of the country, except, of course, here.’
    • ‘Equally, many men in mid-life refuse to conform to the physical stereotype of the beery middle-aged spread, cardigan and carpet slippers, and are happy to play along with the notion that they are only as old as they feel.’
    • ‘Apparently, darts - the old back-room-of-a-pub game played by beery, unkempt blokes - had sanitised itself to the extent that it was trying to gain a toe-hold in, of all places, Las Vegas.’
    • ‘It makes for fun, beery conversations at the pub.’
    • ‘So, in summary, the sort of day you might reasonably hope would end in a pleasant, beery haze.’
    • ‘The afternoon and evening melted into a pleasant beery haze - a party in the bush.’
    • ‘I wonder if the sight of that piece of molded plastic ramps up in you the same welter of blurry, beery, hormonal reminiscences that it does in me.’
    • ‘A couple of beery city boys with no rhythm have latched onto a couple of drunk reggae girls.’
    • ‘For a taste of beery revelry Australian style, all you have to do is linger until late.’
    • ‘The sinister imagery is hard to reconcile with the contemporary city, with its multiracial population and beery, welcoming atmosphere.’
    • ‘Luke is a beery slacker, a soccer fan, and a wannabe writer aimlessly in search of the perfect girl, the perfect dumb movie, the perfect all-night high.’
    • ‘The rest of the night was nothing but a beery blur.’
  • 2Smelling or tasting of beer.

    ‘stale beery breath’
    • ‘He is swapping the bright lights and wobbly props of the TV studio for the blood-shot eyes and beery breath of a live audience.’
    • ‘Trust me, no girl - however desperate - likes a slobbering, out-of-control male, breathing smelly, beery breath all over them.’
    • ‘To escape the blubbery kisses of great aunts and the beery, fag - fugged breaths of distant cousins, we children used to escape outside, playing a game called Jumping the Gardens, which was modelled on the Grand National.’
    • ‘He was breathing beery breath into the ear of Steve.’
    • ‘If you don't mix it properly then you get the bitter beery taste on your bottom lip, with a sweet melted ice-cream taste on your top lip, which is not pleasant at all.’
    • ‘I can't make it out but his beery breath scores a direct hit to the nostrils.’