Definition of beer pong in English:

beer pong


mass nounUS
  • A drinking game in which players attempt to throw or hit table tennis balls into cups of beer, and their opponents are required to drink the contents of any cup in which a ball lands.

    ‘the bar was fairly empty but we had a great time playing beer pong’
    • ‘Nobody was really interested in making new friends, or in going out; they just wanted to sit around playing beer pong with their high school buddies.’
    • ‘Last fall, Georgetown University banned beer pong, beer-pong tables and inordinate numbers of Ping-Pong balls in its dorms – even in the rooms of students of legal drinking age.’
    • ‘She turns around to fill my beer pong cups with Molson, and I peruse the room.’
    • ‘People were playing Beer Pong and Flip Cup and other such shenanigans when we arrived but after a while the party moved inside.’
    • ‘But beer pong has certainly outgrown its frat-house roots.’
    • ‘Police said they found bottles of beer, hard liquor, and two tables set up for the drinking game "beer pong."’
    • ‘"We had fun, we played beer pong, made a fire, cooked dinner, but you can only take so much being inside."’
    • ‘Across the country, adults are returning to college, and it's not because they want to learn how to play beer pong.’
    • ‘Many former club members were surprised to learn an American had been accepted, but the newcomer has already made an important cultural contribution to night life: introducing beer pong, a drinking game that is a staple of American fraternity life.’
    • ‘For many parents and college officials, beer pong has become synonymous with binge drinking.’


1970s: from beer and ping-pong.