Definition of beer hall in English:

beer hall


  • 1A large room or building where beer is served.

    • ‘The guy who made the speech spent his two year draft commitment in a Munich beer hall.’
    • ‘That evening we met up with lots of people from the con committee for a big dinner in a beer hall.’
    • ‘Last night was spent in a beer hall eating rather fatty food.’
    • ‘They had discovered Mike in the beer hall sitting with another boy they both knew: Peter Bodley.’
    • ‘The classroom would more closely resemble a beer hall in Munich during October Fest.’
    • ‘With beer halls and stores selling everything from the latest fashions to gourmet foods, Potsdamer Platz became a central meeting point for pre-war Berlin.’
    • ‘Arriving in this beer hall, my absolutely untrained eye for distinguishing between those who were football fans and those who were not, made me go up to the bartender and ask him if there were any present.’
    • ‘After we got to Munchen we decided to have a beer at the world famous Hofbrau House, the world's largest beer hall.’
    • ‘We've emailed back and forth, and on Monday night finally got together for industrial-strength pints at the German beer hall down the block.’
    • ‘The ground floor of the beer hall will be converted into a games area, whilst the upper level will be turned into a restaurant with a top deck.’
    • ‘I will shout loud enough for the entire beer hall to hear.’
    1. 1.1 (in black townships in South Africa) a state-run establishment selling beer.
      • ‘The union said it would fight so that the beer halls remain in the municipality's hands.’
      • ‘In the dim light of a makeshift beer hall in a township in South Africa, a tourist is introduced to a taste like no other.’
      • ‘To see them, book a ‘township tour,’ which often includes a visit to a local beer hall, or shebeen.’
      • ‘It started life as a tea room in 1929, was converted to a beer hall in 1944 and has never looked back’