Definition of beer engine in English:

beer engine


  • A machine that draws up beer from a barrel in a cellar.

    • ‘They have twenty draft lines, and 2 hand-pulled beer engines.’
    • ‘Very few pubs in London offer a wide range of ale on pump and this one has 12 active beer engines.’
    • ‘Our cask conditioned ales are pulled directly from the cask cellar through five traditional British beer engines.’
    • ‘Quite suddenly and dramatically, the old beer engines for Cask Conditioned Beer became an essential piece of equipment in all our pubs.’
    • ‘As an added bonus, we dispense it through a traditional beer engine to enliven its dry-hopped aroma characteristics.’
    • ‘If you use beer engines, decide which beers benefit from the use of sparkler attachments in order to produce a tight, creamy head.’
    • ‘Cask-conditioned ales drawn from our authentic British beer engines are available during certain times of the year.’
    • ‘The beer engine draws the brew out almost like sucking on a straw.’
    • ‘A hand pump or beer engine is sometimes used to pull beer from the cask and replace it with air.’
    • ‘I also asked how they poured the beer at beer festivals, and the answer was that if there were no beer engines it would come straight from the barrel.’
    • ‘Also, the beer is served with muscle-pressure; the bartender has to pump the beer engine to serve the beer.’
    • ‘The ales are served by traditional beer engines that have been imported from England.’
    • ‘The Corner Cupboard serves a selection of real ales in our bars, served from traditional beer engines.’
    • ‘I don't want to use a beer engine as i feel these aid the loss of aroma.’
    • ‘It has two beer engines that serve out beer the old-fashioned way.’