Definition of beer cellar in English:

beer cellar


  • 1An underground room for storing beer.

    • ‘By 2002 they had opened up part of the shop's cellar as a beer cellar, with over 300 different bottled beers from around the world.’
    • ‘Characters, such as Hannah Waterman's wavering landlady Lorna, are confined by such tight storylines that they do not even have time to visit the beer cellar to change a barrel.’
    • ‘Workers will turn the Stonegate premises' kitchen into a beer cellar, with a new kitchen created in the basement ready to serve ‘more exotic’ grub than in the other pubs.’
    • ‘Sarah said the prize is a reward for the extra care she has taken over the cleanliness and efficiency of her beer cellar.’
    • ‘Many years later in November 1983 a barmaid reported seeing a ghostly figure in the beer cellar and refused to go down there or talk about it ever again.’
    • ‘The annual competition was launched ten years ago to reward licensees that take extra care over the cleanliness and efficiency of their beer cellars.’
  • 2A basement bar where beer is served.

    • ‘What audiences want most on the Fringe is to see somebody before they were famous, so that years later they can say that the Hollywood comedy legend actually sweated on them in a dark beer cellar in Edinburgh.’
    • ‘The smoking ban only affects the beer cellar, which is Corpus' bar.’
    • ‘Abba Dream tribute band kept everyone entertained until it was time for the fireworks, and a thriving temporary beer cellar kept everything afloat.’
    • ‘Corpus used to have a fantastically strong college spirit, full of witty, enigmatic (if slightly eccentric) characters who filled the beer cellar and the sports teams.’
    • ‘It is here, in the beer cellar of a hotel, that we sit talking.’


beer cellar