Definition of beer belly in English:

beer belly

(also beer gut)


  • A man's fat stomach caused by excessive consumption of beer.

    • ‘He described the burglar as stocky with a beer belly, aged 50 to 55, about 5ft 7ins tall with greying hair with dark roots.’
    • ‘The man was white, in his late 30s, 5ft 10 ins, with broad shoulders and a beer belly and a chubby face.’
    • ‘And I wouldn't even call him fat - he's a big guy with a beer gut, that's all.’
    • ‘He dresses badly - stubbies, thongs - has a beer gut, missing teeth, missing hair.’
    • ‘The man who was standing outside the house is described as 50 to 60-years-old, with a stocky build, a beer belly, possibly with grey hair and possibly wearing glasses.’
    • ‘Davefish, known for his excessive beer belly and loud obnoxious manner.’
    • ‘A lean build was slowly disappearing behind the beer belly on his stomach.’
    • ‘The rest of the team were fairly fit, but I've got a bit of a beer gut.’
    • ‘Having once had trouble bending over to tie my shoe laces because of a beer gut is reason enough to stay lean.’
    • ‘He can't even be bothered to buy an XXL shirt big enough to fit his prominent beer gut.’
    • ‘Definitely not his sagging beer gut or tendency to watch boring wildlife documentaries.’
    • ‘The man pulled away from Devin and slumped down in an awkward pose, shifting his hooded sweatshirt to cover his paunchy beer belly.’
    • ‘There's nothing more Australian than the meat pie, and combined with the footy, the meat pie has probably helped contribute to many a beer gut out there!’
    • ‘Looking up, I saw a tall thin-haired man, beady eyes, a large nose, and a beer belly.’
    • ‘He was at least 70, and carried an enormous beer belly inside skin ravaged by years of sun.’
    • ‘He was wearing a tye-dyed blue and purple t-shirt decorated with a large eagle boldly staring out from his impressive beer gut.’
    • ‘A sagging beer belly hanging at a jaunty angle over the waistband.’
    • ‘John had an enormous beer gut, probably due to his sedate lifestyle, and the buttons on his shirt were always open revealing a glimpse of dark stomach hair.’
    • ‘He is white, aged around 40, and is well built, with a large beer belly.’
    • ‘I'm feeling very fit and well and I've lost my beer belly.’
    plumpness, stoutness, heaviness, largeness, chubbiness, portliness, rotundity, flabbiness, paunchiness, dumpiness, meatiness
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beer belly