Definition of beep in English:



  • A short, high-pitched sound emitted by electronic equipment or a vehicle horn.

    ‘leave a message after the beep’
    • ‘Pushing a few buttons on the alarm, a beep sounded and she gave me a brief smile.’
    • ‘Hello, you have reached Gram, please leave a message at the sound of the beep.’
    • ‘Someone was beeping a car horn, long and short beeps that sounded like Morse code.’
    • ‘My alarm sounded Monday morning, as usual, bringing me out of my slumber with a series of deranged, high-pitched beeps.’
    • ‘Whereas a beep or alarm could sound whenever a forward pass is made and a player is in an offside decision.’
    • ‘This computer occasionally emitted beeps and tones.’
    • ‘Promptly at ten ‘till eight, there were two sharp car horn beeps from in front of my house.’
    • ‘There's also the beeps emitted from the reverse parking sensor.’
    • ‘Numerous electronic flashes, beeps, and the sounds of heart resuscitators occur with increasing intensity.’
    • ‘From the entrance to the gym, he clicked the alarm for his car and the little beep sounded.’
    • ‘The sound of an electronic beep, over and over again, echoing my heartbeats.’
    • ‘It has no loudspeaker and the only sound it can emit is a beep.’
    • ‘I'd started to protest by saying that she was technically my daughter too and that I had the right to talk to her about it, but there was a click and the beeps sounded, signaling that she'd hung up on me.’
    • ‘The alarm clock was vibrating and a loud beep was emitting from it every couple of seconds.’
    • ‘So, when you activate the Smart Alarm as you leave your car, it will produce a succession of short beeps.’
    • ‘The beginning message ended and the beep sounded, but there didn't seem to be anyone on the other end.’
    • ‘The computer was turned on and played a short song out of beeps and blips, quite original, Katana thought.’
    • ‘Three high-pitched beeps rang out from the box and she raised the top off of it.’
    • ‘Three loud beeps emitted throughout the hallway and the lady's voiced echoed.’
    • ‘Sorry I couldn't come to the phone right now, but leave your name number and a short message after the beep and I'll holler right back atcha!’
    audible warning, purr, purring, ring, ringing, note, tone, beep, bleep, meep, warble, signal, alarm, alert
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  • 1(of a horn or electronic device) produce a beep.

    ‘the machines were beeping and the tills humming’
    • ‘Around fifteen minutes later, they heard a horn beeping in the distance.’
    • ‘I was just about to sit down when Matt's heart monitor started beeping wildly.’
    • ‘The machine beeped, signaling that the first message was finished.’
    • ‘The sound of heart monitors beeping out of sync with each other faded as I opened the door and walked out.’
    • ‘Once it locks onto the exact source of the signal, the detector starts beeping.’
    • ‘I smiled back at her and we talked until the oven beeped, telling us that the chicken was ready to be devoured.’
    • ‘In the kitchen, the oven beeped that the timer had run out.’
    • ‘Car horns beeped, children screamed, cash registers rang through open doorways.’
    • ‘I woke up the next morning with my answering machine beeping happily.’
    • ‘Different mechanical devices beeped and whirred on tables and panels.’
    • ‘Computers beep randomly between keystrokes, when Enter is pressed, or when the screen changes.’
    • ‘I groan when one of the devices starts beeping or ringing or humming in a darkened theater.’
    • ‘After a minute, the machine beeped and the green light on the side flashed, indicating that her card had been cleared.’
    • ‘I hear horns beeping from every direction and they only keep getting louder.’
    • ‘At ten past eight, a horn beeped from outside her house.’
    • ‘I can hear their alarm clocks beep, see their lights flick on.’
    • ‘Horns beeped and a slight drizzle fell, beating against the windows.’
    • ‘His computer beeped, signalling to him that the results he was looking for were found.’
    • ‘The car horn beeped, signaling that my father was getting extremely impatient.’
    • ‘Machines beeped and buzzed throughout the empty hospital room.’
    purr, sound, reverberate, ring, beep, bleep, warble
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    1. 1.1North American with object Summon (someone) by means of a pager.
      ‘they have themselves beeped in restaurants’
      • ‘The idea is to allow them to have more time doing other things - they will be beeped for the rides when their turn comes.’
      • ‘His Palm now beeps him to take the drug, as well as his vitamins.’
      • ‘She offers to make fettuccine for dinner and is about to dump some other kind of pasta into cold water when Falcon, one of Aiden's contacts, beeps him in code.’
      • ‘Yes, that's right, you can stick the probe in the meat, set the thing to beep you when it hits the right temperature, and toddle off to the deck with a Tom Collins.’
      • ‘This could be one of his juiciest scoops in months, and it was all Jared could do to stop himself from beeping Todd again.’
      • ‘She was asleep at the hotel when I beeped her, but she admitted that she would do anything to get away from Alex.’
      • ‘You may contact me by email, or beep me or call me at home.’
      • ‘As one might expect, people who were watching TV when we beeped them reported feeling relaxed and passive.’
      • ‘‘I will beep her for you, she will be here in a few moments’ the nurse answered concern showed on the man's face.’
      • ‘She decided to beep her uncle, professor Wanez.’
      • ‘So I beep him and we have a little chat about things and I tell him I'm very unhappy and he should come round… maybe he will, maybe not… we know what that means.’


1920s: imitative.