Definition of beekeeper in English:



  • See beekeeping

    • ‘Richard's father kept bees in the 1930s, but he became a bee-keeper because he was worried about the wild bees.’
    • ‘After the hive adventure, I now truly appreciate the effort, from bees and dedicated bee-keepers alike, that goes into the honey I slather on to toast or drizzle over porridge.’
    • ‘Mr Gregory, like most bee-keepers, says he has become attached to his bees and greatly enjoys producing the honey.’
    • ‘He was also a famous bee-keeper and one of the first Dutchmen to publish a book about bee-keeping.’
    • ‘The province boasts 14,000 bee-keepers that on average produce 88 kilogrammes of honey each and a total of 1,000 tonnes of bees wax annually.’