Definition of beefsteak fungus in English:

beefsteak fungus


  • A reddish-brown bracket fungus which resembles raw beef and is sometimes considered edible, found in Eurasia and North America.

    Fistulina hepatica, family Fistulinaceae, class Hymenomycetes

    • ‘I was delighted to find a beefsteak fungus growing on an oak tree by Wimpole Hall.’
    • ‘This is a beefsteak fungus; it looks like a slab of meat and it ‘bleeds’ when you cut into it.’
    • ‘The was the smallest specimen I've seen of the beefsteak fungus.’
    • ‘A somewhat related bracket fungus is Fistulina hepatica, the beefsteak fungus, which supposedly tenderizes and adds flavor to meat.’
    • ‘Some of them can even be edible, but usually at a very early stage of development - e.g. sulphur shelf and beefsteak fungus.’
    • ‘Clean and cut the beefsteak fungus into fine slices and place in a frying pan with finely chopped shallots and garlic.’