Definition of beefily in English:



  • See beefy

    • ‘It is not as light as some fiberglass boats, but it seems very beefily constructed.’
    • ‘Several fans spot him and he trots through the stage door, but not before clasping my hand beefily.’
    • ‘Light rail is, literally, lighter than commuter rail— the cars aren't as beefily designed, and they are not allowed to operate on freight lines.’
    • ‘Kasarova, here beefily attired in dowdy colours, looks as if she ‘works out’ in the local gym: one is surprised the ugly sisters weren't covered in bruises from her solid left hooks.’
    • ‘Bizarrely light for being the richest, tenderest, most beefily flavorful beef ribs I’ve ever had, if I do say so myself.’