Definition of beef something up in English:

beef something up

phrasal verb

  • Give more substance or strength to something.

    ‘cost-cutting measures are planned to beef up performance’
    • ‘The cover is respectful but distinctive, retaining the mood of the original but beefing up the arrangement with a full, cinematic, sound.’
    • ‘A circle of preschoolers listening to a story are beefing up their language abilities.’
    • ‘Safety is on the forefront of everyone's minds, and the government is beefing up security everywhere.’
    • ‘We have tried to get players on loan, but there's no point in bringing them in just to beef the bench up.’
    • ‘So they said, OK, if we're going to do it, we have to beef it up or something because it was a much milder version when we…’
    • ‘If your foreign policy results in swelling the ranks of your existing enemies, and creating whole new enemies, you had better start beefing up your defence.’
    • ‘So far protests from campaigners have been muted, but security around the base has been beefed up with additional police patrols.’
    • ‘Several malls have beefed up security in light of the present crime climate.’
    • ‘We've got to have beefed up intelligence, including much stronger human intelligence.’
    • ‘We were writing regulations, we were beefing up legislation.’
    • ‘These checkpoints were beefed up following a number of casualties, wounds and death to U.S. forces.’
    • ‘Mechanics have reinforced the car's chassis with extra steelwork and have beefed up the suspension to take extra load.’
    • ‘So those penalties will be beefed up substantially.’
    • ‘We heard that they were beefing up security in anticipation of serious protests.’
    • ‘It is beefing up its capabilities in electronic investigation and cross-border operations.’
    • ‘Additionally, doors, boots and hatches have been beefed up to provide solid operation.’
    • ‘Besides having the public police drivers, Hall said he's aiming to improve public safety by beefing up on vehicle inspections and driver monitoring.’
    • ‘He's tried to be tough on national defense, talking about beefing up our defenses at home, in terms of homeland security and abroad.’
    • ‘Hence the search for other PhDs and in the meantime, beefing up my training skills to that of a performance consultant.’
    • ‘The security, I think it is important that we recognize it and beef it up.’
    toughen up, strengthen, build up, reinforce, substantiate, consolidate, invigorate, improve, flesh out
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