Definition of beech marten in English:

beech marten


  • another term for stone marten
    • ‘Predators are also fairly widespread: weasels, beech martens badgers and foxes.’
    • ‘Boar, deer, badgers, porcupines, foxes, wild cats and beech martens are the most important wild aminals in the park.’
    • ‘Other animals I have seen are hares, wild pigs, many foxes and some beech martens that live around our house in Kalkan - we sometimes hear them chattering at night.’
    • ‘The beech marten often lives near or even in human habitations, but the pine marten does not.’
    • ‘Forest dwelling mammals include beech martens, wildcats, genets, badgers and wild boar, as well as a number of small insectivores.’
    • ‘You may catch a glimpse of deer, beech martens, red squirrels or even wild boar which inhabit the surrounding area.’
    • ‘Pine and beech martens are present, as are hares, badgers and foxes.’
    • ‘The stone or beech marten and the pine marten both live in Europe but in Britain we only have the pine marten (martes martes).’
    • ‘Inhabiting the park's many dense thickets are badgers, wildcats, foxes, beech martens, weasels and Egyptian mongooses.’
    • ‘There are 45 species of mammals such as brown bear, wolf, fox, badger, beech marten, vair, bobcat, and even a small number of leopards.’