Definition of bee orchid in English:

bee orchid


  • A European orchid with a flower that resembles a bee.

    Ophrys apifera and related species, family Orchidaceae

    • ‘Featherstone's organic design is based on the bee orchids found on the site, and takes the form of an opening flower bud.’
    • ‘Wild flowers such as marsh and bee orchids, which do not normally grow widely on heathland, could also flourish because of the acidity of the soil.’
    • ‘Bees are fooled into pollinating the bee orchid and the wispy, twisting petals of the rare lizard orchid closely resemble lizards.’
    • ‘Hop between rocks up the Viros gorge and climb to dozing villages, meander along tracks where cistus and bee orchids grow, and return past the chapel where the writer Bruce Chatwin chose to be buried.’
    • ‘Its preference for open, sunny aspects and its relatively large flowers make the bee orchid fairly easy to find.’