Definition of bee hawkmoth in English:

bee hawkmoth


  • A small day-flying hawkmoth with partly transparent wings, resembling a bumblebee and hovering at flowers to feed.

    Genus Hemaris, family Sphingidae: several species

    • ‘Easily distinguished from other western Palaearctic bee hawkmoths in that the wings remain fully scaled.’
    • ‘The bee hawkmoth tended to fly in the same direction between successive visits.’
    • ‘2005 season: Narrow-bordered bee hawkmoth has been seen. 15 larval webs of small eggar recorded.’
    • ‘Silver-washed fritillary and speckled wood occur in the woodland and the narrow-bordered bee hawkmoth has been recorded.’
    • ‘The Bee Hawkmoth looks remarkably like a Bumble Bee which as you can imagine has helped its survival a great deal.’