Definition of bee bread in English:

bee bread


mass noun
  • Honey or pollen used as food by bees.

    • ‘The bee bread becomes the food for larvae, once hatched, allowing them to spend the winter underground, and emerge the next spring as an adult.’
    • ‘The wax cuttings were put into the cages with the honey workers and bee bread.’
    • ‘This so-called bee bread is used later by the young bees to make pap, bee milk or jelly for the larvae.’
    • ‘In the first case, it appears that something is present in the infected hives which are detectable in both bee bread and honey.’
    • ‘The eggs hatch in 2 to 3 days and each larva develops within their own chamber, using the bee bread as a food source.’
    • ‘Eggs hatch into larvae that feed on the bee bread in their cells.’
    • ‘They take care of the baby bees and feed them bee bread.’