Definition of bedtime in English:



  • The usual time when someone goes to bed.

    ‘it was well past her bedtime’
    ‘a bedtime story’
    • ‘Try to create a bedtime routine, such as a warm bath and warm milky drink every night.’
    • ‘Ten minutes a day, while drinking the bedtime cocoa, would be a jolly good start.’
    • ‘Very odd, I couldn't get to sleep at all - despite not going to bed til way past my bedtime.’
    • ‘Before bedtime I am phoned by Jeff, an Australian I sometimes meet after Sunday church.’
    • ‘That said, I may well change my mind again tomorrow, but it's bedtime for now and my eyes hurt.’
    • ‘Keep a regular bedtime hour, and make sure your bedroom is conducive to sleep.’
    • ‘At bedtime, I sneaked Ken away with me, and placed him on my bedside table for easy access.’
    • ‘It has grown out of a family habit of telling stories and reading aloud at bedtime.’
    • ‘Go through the usual bedtime routine, say goodnight and leave the room.’
    • ‘He would then insist on playing with his daughter until well past her bedtime.’
    • ‘Until that moment she had thought it no more than a book of bedtime stories for children.’
    • ‘The new additions to the gameplay and this new story keep me up till way past my bedtime.’
    • ‘Try to establish a regular bedtime routine, going to bed and getting up at about the same time each day’
    • ‘The bedtime prayer, Kirtan Sohila is usually recited just before sleeping at night.’
    • ‘The toothpaste business does not recur, but the bedtime antics carry on as normal night after night.’
    • ‘Some parents let their children take turns staying up half an hour later than their usual bedtime.’
    • ‘He got in late from a festival last night, hence my late bedtime - and has two days off, lucky.’
    • ‘At bedtime Karl has more medicine before his mother takes him upstairs on a chairlift and puts him to bed.’
    • ‘A bedtime routine helps your baby to know what to expect, and to settle down ready for sleep at night.’
    • ‘My bedtime was at nine, even during the school holidays, and before that I had to take the dog out for his nightly walk.’