Definition of bedstead in English:



  • The framework of a bed on which the mattress and bedclothes are placed.

    • ‘Instead, she drew her legs over the edge of her bedstead and her night garments against her chest to keep out the morning air, listening to the din in the Mynaen Courtyard below.’
    • ‘The beds had cast iron bedsteads and flowery covers with frilly edges.’
    • ‘They pulled back their fancy coverlet, climbed into their fancy bedstead, read briefly from the most recent fancy literature, and then dreamt the night away.’
    • ‘The double bed has been fitted out with a lurid, multi-coloured mattress cover the hues of which are reflected in a fan-shaped mirror attached to the bedstead.’
    • ‘We peeked inside some of rooms, which were furnished elaborately and the brass bedsteads were still covered with old white sheets.’
    • ‘Though it matched their bedstead, Steph wanted to be rid of the wardrobe.’
    • ‘They fought over bedsteads and cupboards and even scraps of carpet.’
    • ‘There were twisted bedsteads, snatches of curtain and other remnants of four civilian houses.’
    • ‘As well as conventional divans, the company has a good selection of designs, iron and wooden bedsteads and upholstered contemporary frames, available in various fabrics.’
    • ‘Large mahogany wardrobes and chests of drawers matched the bedsteads.’
    • ‘Inside, the decor is New England simplicity: perfectly laundered white cotton curtains edged in lace, pine furniture and iron bedsteads.’
    • ‘My bedstead was tall, with four posters, and had long gold curtains, with a sun pattern on them, tied back with a blue ribbon.’
    • ‘The bedstead, the floor, the pictures on the wall were all spotlessly new by any standards.’
    • ‘The cool linen sheets tempted her to extend her toes till they touched the ivory bedstead and brushed the relief curls of a grinning cherub.’
    • ‘An armoire stood between the door and the bedstead, an old four-poster crouching against the left wall, with no mattress and the canopy in tatters.’
    • ‘His furniture was very masculine; he had a bureau made from reddish, dark wood, with matching dresser and night-stands at both sides of the bedstead.’
    • ‘While you should consider changing your mattress every 10 years or so, the right bedstead or frame should last a lifetime (or at least as long as the marriage).’
    • ‘In one corner, an old bedstead stood, the tattered bedsheets fortified by a quilt that Charley recognized as her mother's handiwork.’
    • ‘He fluffed up pillows and put them against the bedstead.’
    • ‘While trying to sail into dreams, something she couldn't place, a spirit perhaps, flew around her bedstead.’