Definition of bedourie in English:



  • A dust storm.

    ‘to the west, a bedourie was gathering’
    • ‘He described a bedourie to me, saying that vast clouds of red dust reached 12,000 feet into the sky.’
    • ‘Under such conditions, the discomforts caused by heat, flies, and bedouries are reduced to a minimum.’
    • ‘These haboob-style dust storms are known locally as bedouries—named after a small town to the west on Eyre Creek.’
    • ‘Pilots caught in bedouries could not see the horizon in the west.’
    • ‘Once a chief pilot for the Flying Doctor Service, he recalled a phenomenon peculiar to the Outback—the dust storms called bedouries.’
    • ‘I've been flying through bedouries for 30 years, in planes a lot less appetizing than yours.’
    • ‘Growing up in Australia: bush fires, bedouries, the smell of the mulga in winter.’
    • ‘The westerly winds associated with this front were quite vigorous, and they actually produced a line of rolling dust storms, which are sometimes known as bedouries.’
    • ‘By sundown that night, this grazier would be tasting a cold beer—that's how they do things out where the bedouries blow.’
    • ‘I explained to the driver I was heading north-west and beyond, where the bedouries blow.’


1930s: from Bedourie, a town in south-west Queensland.