Definition of bedload in English:



mass nounGeology
  • The sediment transported by a river in the form of particles too heavy to be in suspension.

    • ‘The higher parts of the member are dominated by thick amalgamated coarse-grained successions dominated by unidirectional trough cross bedding, which are readily interpreted in terms of a sandy bedload river system.’
    • ‘Water moving through the drainage basin can convey material in solution (as solutes), or mechanical particles in suspension (suspended sediment) or by being rolled or jumped along the bed of a river as bedload.’
    • ‘The superimposed multi-storey sheets with no preserved fine-grained sediment may reflect the lateral mobility of high-energy bedload channels.’
    • ‘Current meter measurements suggested that tidal currents were strong enough to cause bedload transport of sediment and Mya.’
    • ‘The reworking of the sand bedload, in association with the settling of mud from suspension during tidal slacks, deposits an interlaminated sand-mud lithology.’