Definition of bedjacket in English:



  • A jacket worn for extra warmth when sitting up in bed.

    • ‘How could you properly play house without aprons and raincoats, bedjackets for sick people and bibs for whoever was being the baby?’
    • ‘Well just give her these magazines and send the bedjacket later.’
    • ‘Some items (e.g. nightdresses, bedjackets, etc) are given to our Frail Care Homes.’
    • ‘If one needed to go to the hospital one had to have a new nightdress, bedjacket, new toiletries, perhaps a pair of slippers too.’
    • ‘Who among us remembers lying in bed as a child, sick with measles, and wearing a pink sateen quilted bedjacket with ribbon ties that inevitably fell off your shoulders?’
    • ‘Mlle Dieudonne led us into the bedroom where Boulanger lay in a pink bedjacket on a cloud of lacy pillows.’