Definition of bedim in English:



[WITH OBJECT]literary
  • Cause to become dim:

    ‘a slight cloud would bedim the sky’
    • ‘When the consciousness is bedimmed, when the higher concepts seem far removed, at least ponder about unity in actions of good.’
    • ‘Unfurled in baleful grandeur, like some dark cloud of heaven, surcharged with thunder and the brewing tempest, it rides the air, and bedims the beams of day.’
    • ‘It is the unbreakable staff of the arm, it has the powerful luster and its light even bedims the radiance of the sun.’
    • ‘This is often translated into a feeling of ‘distance’, specifically the notion of observing or having one's view bedimmed or obscured by some form of barrier.’
    • ‘At a Texas State Fair some four or five years since the President of the Confederate States was seen turning, with eyes bedimmed by tears, away from a picture at which he had been silently gazing.’