Definition of bedder in English:



  • 1A plant suitable for use as a bedding plant.

    • ‘To manage them as bedders they must be multiplied by cuttings in the usual way of "soft-wooded" plants, and be put out late in May.’
    • ‘Hardy plants, including alpines, need as much attention in their way as the old-fashioned tender bedders.’
    • ‘Excellent summer bedder, pot plant or standard.’
  • 2British informal A servant employed to clean rooms in Cambridge colleges.

    • ‘Whether it's the bedder who comes to clean your room and empty your bins, the staff in the kitchen, the administrative staff, the college nurse or the master, everybody upholds the college tradition of friendliness.’
    • ‘I like not having a bedder arriving early in the morning.’
    • ‘We also have, most useful of things, a kitchen cleanliness freak and of course, five visits a week from a bedder, dubbed by my Greek and Italian flatmates ‘Santa Martha’.’
    • ‘This includes emptying work surfaces, cleaning the sink and cooker and wiping paintwork - though the bedders are not expected to fight through piles of washing-up.’
    • ‘Cambridge had its ‘bedders‘, Oxford has its ‘scouts‘.’
    attendant, retainer
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  • 3British informal in combination A house or flat with a specified number of bedrooms.

    ‘a studio or one-bedder’