Definition of bedcover in English:



  • 1A bedspread.

    • ‘These colors would also have been appropriate for stenciling on the smooth cotton used for bedcovers, quilts, window shades or curtains, and table covers.’
    • ‘I set his guitar case down on the blue bedcover and walk around Danny's room, looking around like I always do.’
    • ‘Occasionally, a stenciled bedcover was pieced with traditional quilt blocks but was not quilted.’
    • ‘The bedcover over his head was jerked downward and he winced in the bright light that shone through his bedroom's French doors.’
    • ‘I had a light lunch, caught the mid-day news and weather - splendid, more rain and wind - and popped off for a nap under the bedcover.’
    • ‘She grabbed the bedcover from the bed and, as softly and as quietly as possible, she placed it over the still sleeping girl.’
    • ‘He was surprised upon learning that he merely had to untuck the bedcovers to get under the blanket.’
    • ‘He would be able to replace bedcovers and pillows if necessary.’
    • ‘His mom stood slowly, placing the picture on his bedcover as she did.’
    • ‘Pick out a different shade with a bedcover and cushions.’
    • ‘Arona sighed heavily, and turned her face to the bedcover.’
    • ‘Ellie had hung a few pictures on the walls, brought a bright new bedcover and the room looked more lived in than it did before.’
    • ‘Sitting upright, his knuckles paled as he clenched the bedcover firmly.’
    • ‘The basic purpose for making a quilt was to provide a warm bedcover.’
    • ‘She laughed lightly and pulled the bedcover up over me.’
    • ‘And she slid the book off Jack's lap and onto the bedcover.’
    • ‘He pulled out the red roses and threw their red, silky petals on the bedcover.’
    • ‘I ran up the winding stairs, grabbed a washcloth from the bathroom, dropped my jeans, jumped onto my bed, and humped the soft fabric of the bedcover.’
    • ‘When you are putting a decorating scheme together always think of the bedding - sheets, pillow cases, duvet covers and bedcovers - as an integral part of the scheme and not as an accessory or afterthought.’
    • ‘Hastily, I flung the bedcover to one side, ready to jump out of this weird, bizarre place.’
    cover, covering, rug, afghan, quilt, eiderdown, duvet
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  • 2bedcoversBedclothes.

    • ‘‘Some of us are trying to sleep,’ I mumbled into my pillow, grasping my bedcovers and pulling them over my head just before light filled the room.’
    • ‘Her bedcovers were pulled up tightly around her knees, her pillows propping up her head, and her reading lamp on.’
    • ‘Her drapes were rich purple, matching her bedcovers, which spread across the huge mahogany four-poster bed.’
    • ‘She brought her knees up to her chest and covered herself more securely beneath the bedcover.’
    • ‘He yawned, placed the completed letter, the pen and the book he had been leaning on on the bedside table, threw the apple core into the bin, snuggled under the bedcovers and went to sleep.’
    • ‘He lifted the bedcovers from the floor and spread them back over the sprawled shape on the bed.’
    • ‘He looked at Joe in astonishment, then threw back the bedcovers and swung his legs over the edge of the bed.’
    • ‘Setting the tray down, she pulled the bedcovers up under his chin, tucking him in.’
    • ‘She threw back her bedcovers and tiptoed over to her desk, making sure she avoided the creaky floorboard under the ragged rug.’
    • ‘I drew the bedcovers up and then pulled them over us.’
    • ‘Lying upon the bedcovers was a pale, thin young lady.’
    • ‘When I returned the builders were in the process of packing up for lunch so I waved them off and slid under the bedcover with the intent of catching forty winks while they were gone.’
    • ‘She pulled the bedcovers over her head.’
    • ‘She lifted up the bedcovers and slipped between the sheets.’