Definition of becloud in English:



[WITH OBJECT]literary
  • Make obscure or muddled:

    ‘confusion beclouds the issue’
    • ‘Eden, a young aspiring poet, a ‘mapmaker’, who wants to become the successor of Hughes and Baldwin, arrives in Paris in September 1986 only to have the decay and squalor of her surroundings becloud her illusions.’
    • ‘Questions arise from the popular accounts based on McClintock's recollections gleaned from interviews, understandably compressed and beclouded after 50 years.’
    • ‘Although the Monitor was just one of three prototypical iron warships launched in mid-1862, its success at Hampton Roads beclouded Secretary of the Navy Gideon Welles’ and other top-ranking naval officials’ thinking.’
    • ‘Today, ladies and gentlemen, Exhibit A in the Star Tribune's ruthless efforts to becloud the issues of the day on behalf of the Democratic Party is the column by editorial board member Jim Boyd attacking your humble Power Line servants.’
    • ‘It was the one that always haunted his inner eye, beclouding his mind and paralyzing his fingers.’
    • ‘The principal reason for attacking this theory was that it beclouded the whole issue of man's relationship to the land.’
    • ‘The first chapter draws from Confucius to discuss the ‘six becloudings,’ where each action - which might seem good in itself - becomes beclouded when conducted without ‘the love of learning.’’