Definition of béchamel in English:


(also béchamel sauce)


mass noun
  • A rich white sauce made with milk infused with herbs and other flavourings.

    • ‘The lasagna's another story: crumbly with meat and bolstered with béchamel, oozing and succulent in a way that would scandalize those well-meaning folks at Lean Cuisine.’
    • ‘They will be importing beer and vodka from a small organic producer from their home village, and this could be your chance to eat Lutfisk, a jellied fish served with a béchamel sauce.’
    • ‘There is a vegetarian version of moussaka, with puréed beans instead of the more usual cinnamon-flavoured lamb, sandwiched between potatoes, aubergine and béchamel sauce.’
    • ‘While we think of béchamel as an all-purpose white sauce made of scalded milk, roux, and flavorings, Carême made it by enriching velouté with cream.’
    • ‘There were sizzling sausages, succulent bacon and delicious free-range eggs, but they were placed on English muffins and drizzled with a light béchamel sauce.’
    • ‘While I did find them very good, I wasn't transported with bliss, possibly because I'm not a huge fan of béchamel.’
    • ‘He rolls out lasagne sheets using a broom handle, and creates a ragu with minced meat and tomatoes, creamy béchamel sauce, cooked ham, Parmesan and mozzarella.’
    • ‘The crêpes Bretonne are great too: La Brébis is filled with fresh fruit and heavy cream while the Coq Breton is crêpe stuffed with ham, asparagus and Gruyère, served with béchamel sauce, salad and coffee.’
    • ‘Croquettes of Serrano ham harbor lovely bursts of béchamel.’
    • ‘Take some mates along to Cordoba Nights (where the Purple Onion used to be) and try the pure de papas - potatoes mashed with béchamel and nutmeg.’
    • ‘Our panel of two reached a split decision on the potato-sheathed eggplant moussaka: One of us felt the rich béchamel and prune quenelle pushed the entrée too far into dessert territory; the other licked his plate clean.’
    • ‘Last week, there was Swiss cheese and onion; also corn, cheese, and hot pepper; white corn and tomato; and spinach with béchamel.’
    • ‘The ham, béchamel and white asparagus crêpe bretonne wasn't particularly remarkable but perhaps, like an overhyped movie, we expected too much from it.’
    • ‘A large boneless breast of chicken was stuffed with fontina cheese and sundried tomatoes and then topped with béchamel sauce and fresh pesto.’
    • ‘Much better is a rich slab of salmon lasagna, ringed with a swirl of bright dill pesto, slathered with roasted-garlic-Parmigiano béchamel, and crowned with ascending dollops of zesty tomato-caper salsa and creamy salmon salad.’
    • ‘If sauces intimidate you, then a béchamel sauce is the perfect place to start.’
    • ‘Next came the stracci - ricotta and parmigiano cheese-filled pasta crêpes with an infusion of spinach for colour that's baked in a tomato béchamel sauce.’
    • ‘And, while many baked pasta dishes are rather heavy with béchamel sauce (enriched with eggs, cream or cheese), you can lighten them by using a tomato or roasted pepper sauce instead.’
    • ‘More significantly, he is probably the man who first invented the famous béchamel or white sauce.’
    • ‘Next, we shared the vegetarian lasagna: a skillet of buttery noodles cradled with various roasted vegetables and béchamel sauce ($5.99 for a small, $8.99 for the large).’


Named after the Marquis Louis de Béchamel (died 1703), steward to Louis XIV of France, who is said to have invented a similar sauce.