Definition of becard in English:



  • A small bird of the tyrant flycatcher family with a large head and strong bill, found mainly in Central and South America.

    Genus Pachyramphus, family Tyrannidae: several species

    • ‘Should we concentrate on the hummingbirds which come and go constantly as they visit flowering shrubs, or watch the trogons, tityras, thrushes, flycatchers, becards and manakins feeding on a fruiting tree?’
    • ‘The name Pachyramphus relates to a group of some 16 species of cotinga known as becards with a widespread distribution throughout Central and South America; Pachyramphus viridis is the green-backed becard from northern South America.’
    • ‘Several rose-throated becards are also present on the Refuge, including two or three young males, which haven't been reported here for many years.’
    • ‘Even in very disturbed areas, coffee plantations support good populations of migrants and other species that prefer or are restricted to forest habitats, such as redstarts, black-throated green warblers, yellow-throated and solitary vireos, and residents including tinamous, parrots, trogons, becards, toucans, and woodcreepers.’
    • ‘Their findings are based on computer analysis of 379 species of New World flycatchers from the suborder Tyranni, a group that includes kingbirds, flycatchers, phoebes, becards, manakins and cotingas.’
    • ‘One of the largest groups of New World birds, the Tyranni includes kingbirds, flycatchers, phoebes and such southern Arizona birdwatchers’ delights as vermillion flycatchers and rose-throated becards.’
    • ‘So far all of the grosbeaks and becards have been female or immature birds.’
    • ‘For example, there are becards, tityras, saltators, trogons and motmots.’
    • ‘Here such rare bird species as the gray hawk, northern beardless-tyrannulet, rose-throated becard, thick-billed kingbird, and green kingfisher can be seen, along with about 300 other species.’
    • ‘We will encounter elegant trogans, a rose-throated becard nest, a snake the diameter of cooked spaghetti, whirligig beetles, and the wing of a zone-tailed hawk.’
    • ‘Arivaca Creek: look for woodland species in tall cottonwoods and along the stream that attracts nesting gray hawks, ferruginous pygmy-owls, rose-throated becards, tropical kingbirds, vermilion flycatchers and yellow-billed cuckoo.’
    • ‘This becard has a lot of different songs, this is one of their sounds, taped by Ottema.’
    • ‘I also did new paintings of the rose-throated becard on page 303.’
    • ‘Among the rarest breeding birds in the US, becards arrived at the Roadside Rest in May and promptly disappeared; in mid-July, several were seen along Sonoita Creek above Patagonia Lake, and a pair was discovered building a nest at the Roadside Rest.’
    • ‘This pull-off is a good place to look for rose-throated becards, varied buntings, and Zone-tailed hawks.’
    • ‘Birding parties already have shown interest in trips to the ranch, spotting elegant trogans, eared trogans, rose-throated becards, at Ieast three varieties of quail, vermilion fly-catchers, indigo buntings and gray hawks, among others.’
    • ‘It is here that a colony of rose-throated becards have made their summer home.’
    • ‘But the birds steal the show: rose-throated becards, green kingfishers, violet-crowned hummingbirds, zone-tail hawks and summer tanagers, blue grosbeaks and dusky-capped flycatchers, yellow-billed cuckoos and thick-billed kingbirds.’
    • ‘An assemblage of 23 species of mourners, becards, and tityras (Tityras).’
    • ‘My dissertation research ranges from a comparative study examining the correlates of migratory behavior in Tyranni (New World flycatchers, cotingas, piprids, tityras and becards), to experimental and observational field studies on altitudinal migrants in Costa Rica.’


Mid 19th century: from French bécarde, from bec ‘beak’.