Definition of becalmed in English:



  • (of a sailing ship) unable to move through lack of wind.

    ‘his ship was becalmed for nine days’
    figurative ‘a place becalmed in its past’
    • ‘His becalmed party needs to find the political wind again.’
    • ‘The becalmed dog sank to the ground.’
    • ‘A woman reads in a becalmed rowing boat, her beehive hairdo and goggle glasses making her look like an exotic animal.’
    • ‘It began as a routine supply mission to the front lines, in a volatile but largely becalmed city.’
    • ‘The transition from the dreamland of a becalmed sailing-vessel to the dull, cheerless realities of his old life, and the uncertainties of his future, depressed him—filled him with forebodings.’
    • ‘Conversely, the 'ambient' tracks float in amorphous realms of drifting waves, each composition conjuring a realm of becalmed bliss.’
    • ‘The becalmed and top-heavy boat started to roll heavily.’
    • ‘No natural light ever pierces these dark recesses of my flat, neither does the soft spring breeze ever waft gently through their becalmed atmosphere.’
    • ‘There are three pivotal points where the camera eddies around a becalmed Johnny who seems ready to disintegrate.’
    • ‘But there is still a mood of becalmed apprehension in many sectors of the economy.’
    • ‘One of the few insects to conquer the oceans, some intrepid species venture hundreds of miles across becalmed tropical seas.’
    • ‘According to analyst reports this is one of the few growth segments in the otherwise becalmed server market.’
    • ‘Whitwell Harbour's becalmed shelter therefore came as a blessed relief, and I rattled off the boat as rapidly as possible.’
    • ‘He trained his binoculars on a suspicious cluster of becalmed motorboats a half-mile off through the haze.’
    • ‘And so in a relatively becalmed August, the big news was that Cook made a simple call on the presidential race.’
    • ‘There are some laughs to be had here, but they are islands in a becalmed ocean.’
    • ‘There you are and there the ball is, and there's the net billowing ever so gently, like the sail of a becalmed ship.’
    • ‘The volunteer-crewed lifeboat was launched just after 9pm and reached the becalmed vessel, Stride, at 11.10 pm.’
    • ‘Much of it floats in the North Pacific gyre, a becalmed patch of the ocean that covers a greater area than North America and now resembles a vast plastic soup.’
    • ‘High above, sheets of material hang like sails on a becalmed Spanish galleon.’