Definition of beaut in English:



  • 1A particularly fine example of something.

    ‘the idea was a beaut’
    • ‘It's somewhat disheartening that the FemBots' cast-offs earn them more money than their actual records, but MacKinnon and Poirier don't seem to mind, because they know they've just made one beaut of an album.’
    • ‘The big one (which is on the left in the first picture) is a beaut.’
    • ‘The film's punchline is also a beaut, all the more so because it's tactfully handled, and you never see it coming.’
    • ‘One of Jumpin's live ads was for a Dodge dealership, and he described his new car: a three-toned beaut done in black, cream, and salmon.’
    • ‘The New Zealand minted lamb and roasted butternut squash is a total beaut.’
    • ‘Another beaut got swiped from in front of Bell Canada, where the security camera wasn't aimed properly, so the thief got away, big surprise.’
    • ‘Fluttering her eyelashes, ‘I don't know where I got it, but isn't it a beaut?‘’
    • ‘Plenty of varied road work ranging from motorways to the bumpy bog roads as well as a lot of urban use didn't faze this Nissan beaut.’
    • ‘This is to show us just how good the computer graphics are, and it's a beaut.’
    • ‘It's a beaut, and just the thing to tear even the most obsessed soccer fan away from his reading material.’
    • ‘It's going to be a beaut when it's done, and I'm sure the URL will be passed around among, oh, a dozen people.’
    • ‘Hiroshi was taken back, exclaiming, ‘Whoa there, where the hell did you come across this beaut?’’
    • ‘Even by Wanaka property standards, tilting in their more grandiose fancies towards southern Tuscan or colonial chateaux, the house is a beaut.’
    • ‘I just got my first case of the first title (a way-hey-hey tome on Panther) and it's a beaut.’
    • ‘The new disk is a real beaut, filled with 45 luscious gigabytes and spinning considerably faster than the old ones, so my system runs a load faster in its turn.’
    • ‘How the movement fits into the piece as such, I cannot make out, but it's such a beaut that I won't ask questions.’
    • ‘A real beaut, and delivered with wonderful timing.’
    • ‘She might be from the Afrikaans side of our rainbow nation fence, but the person who designed this beaut shouldn't be.’
    • ‘The new machine arrived Friday, and lo, what a beaut.’
    • ‘Lively and surprising are not terms often associated with the well-established New York Film Festival, but in its 42nd edition it served up many more beauts than duds.’
    1. 1.1 A beautiful person.
      • ‘I was going with this beaut from MSNBC with Hugh on the golf course with a cigar.’
      • ‘As they probably don't say down Rothesay way, this Kyle was no beaut.’
      • ‘Beckham is a beaut, probably England's best player, but as captain?’
      • ‘Its latest ad climaxes with a Bondi beaut emerging from the surf inquiring: ‘So where are you?’’
      • ‘She's a beaut for a while, but then Joe goes bananas.’
      • ‘You know, you're real beaut when you bother to dress up.’
      • ‘She's a beaut, mate, but she's sending me to the poor house.’


NZ, Australian
  • Very good or beautiful.

    ‘a beaut view’
    • ‘But people decided that, beaut as spaghetti was, they needed meat for the complete life.’
    • ‘I think it's important for us to stop saying to people we have these beaut new cures.’
    • ‘But I got over it quickly, reached the pub, met my beaut girl and had a lovely evening, stopping off at Thresher on the way back for a couple of up-market bottles.’
    • ‘With MacWorld Tokyo coming up, Apple is in a nice position - with its new beaut flat screen iMac selling over 220,000 units in the first three months of release.’
    • ‘He said, ‘That's good son,’ he said, ‘that's beaut.’’
    • ‘And clever software guys will write beaut ambiguity resolution algorithms that can choose the best multifrequency combinations from the signal zoo out there.’
    • ‘‘Might be the last time I get to see this beaut country’ he muttered.’
    • ‘The film has no shortage of beaut comic actors, nor was it light-on for plot possibilities.’
    • ‘To be honest we would recommend it because it was beaut!’
    • ‘One of those beaut blokes who makes you think, wow, what a good guy.’
    • ‘After what must have been some beaut disputes, a handful of river communities have agreed to a set level for duckwater and all communities are required to have a ten-year proposal by September 2001.’
    • ‘And some of the locals are beginning to get excited about their own beaut blokes' weekend.’
    • ‘We've also got an excellent quality of fish, and plenty of beaut food in the water, and as we go through the morning I'll introduce you to some of the insects and the nymphs and so forth that form the food pattern of the fish.’
    • ‘Keep watching this space as we have a special colouring competition for children to help fill in the long weekend - and there is a beaut prize for the winner.’
    • ‘The CD from this band comes with good photo documentation of their beaut rogue instruments.’
    • ‘But the questions were almost puzzles, you had to work out logical answers and that was beaut, I used to love that sort of thing, it really was down my alley.’
    • ‘While doing so, he'd also prepared a beaut Caribbean meal for us to have before setting out to the great tragedist's gig: golden dumplings, rice and peas, fried cod and approximately three bottles of ice-cold German Pils.’
    • ‘Every time I see it I feel this beaut sense of pride that that's the country where I live.’
    attractive, pretty, handsome, good-looking, nice-looking, pleasing, alluring, prepossessing, as pretty as a picture
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