Definition of Beaune in English:



mass noun
  • A red burgundy wine from the region around Beaune in eastern France.

    • ‘It was dreamed up by a Beaune shipper, Robert Drouhin (who has since publicly regretted his idea) and was based on the official release date of the new wine, November 15.’
    • ‘This is Chardonnay in a rich Beaune style and is very much a fashion maverick compared to supermodel lean styles in vogue.’
    • ‘Bouchard Pere et Fils produced a stunning white AC Beaune 1997 at around €30.’
    • ‘Before the enforcement of appellation contrôlée regulations many local wines were sold as Beaune as a readily marketable label of convenience.’
    • ‘Lastly, the Aussies get a white wine riposte, here aimed squarely at Beaune.’
    • ‘Would you decant a £2.99 bottle of plonk into an empty bottle of Beaune Pinot-Noir to impress your guests?’