Definition of beau sabreur in English:

beau sabreur


  • A dashing adventurer.

    • ‘Stuart, the close friend of General Jackson and dashing beau sabreur of the Confederacy, is considered one of the great cavalry commanders of the Civil War.’
    • ‘Although there may have been some truth in this, rural young men in the North were also horsemen by necessity, but unlike many of the Southern beaux sabreurs, they had to bear the tedious burden of caring for their animals after plowing behind them all day.’
    • ‘General Pepe, ‘Calabrian Liberal and beau sabreur of the school of Murat’, who had joined the Carbonari and led the Neapolitan rising of 1820, led volunteers north to fight the Austrians.’
    • ‘Such a man could only be a cavalryman, where the romantic ideal of the beau sabreur still had its place in the public imagination.’
    • ‘An inspirational Virginian cavalry leader and beau sabreur of the American civil war, Stuart served in the pre-war US cavalry and, like his mentor Lee, resigned to join the Confederate States Army when Virginia seceded.’
    daredevil, seeker of adventures, hero, heroine, swashbuckler, knight errant, crusader, venturer, traveller, voyager, wanderer
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French, ‘handsome swordsman’, originally a sobriquet of Joachim Murat (1767–1815), French cavalry officer and brother-in-law of Napoleon.


beau sabreur

/bo sɑbʀœʀ//ˌbəʊ saˈbrəː/