Definition of beating-up in English:



  • A violent assault in which the victim is hit repeatedly.

    ‘he suffered substantial bruising and severe headaches as a result of the beating-up’
    • ‘For about a month after that an orgy of brutal beatings up and assaults upon Prisoners of War irrespective of rank occurred.’
    • ‘Beatings-up in the street are dismissed on the ground that they took place "in the heat of battle."’
    • ‘The beating up had been cleverly done, for his face had been left untouched.’
    • ‘If he went aboard without an authority to do so he would risk a beating-up.’
    • ‘Does he carry on for a couple of seasons facing the inevitable day when someone younger comes along and finally manages to give him a good old-fashioned beating-up?’
    battering, thrashing, thumping, pounding, pummelling, drubbing, slapping, smacking, hammering, hitting, striking, punching, knocking, thwacking, cuffing, buffeting, boxing, mauling, pelting, lambasting
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