Definition of beatifically in English:



  • See beatific

    • ‘Head tilted, she gazes down where the faithful used to kneel - the faithful whose last prayers she failed to answer - her hands clasped in prayer, her face beatifically self-absorbed.’
    • ‘Bernal was terrific in Amores Perros and Y Tu Mamá También, but those were roles that required real acting, not just beatifically grinning like an idiot the entire time he was on-screen.’
    • ‘The 24 members beam beatifically, point and wave at members of the audience and leap wildly about: no mean feat if you're playing a trombone at the time.’
    • ‘Every so often he would lapse into a strange ‘wannabe priest mode’, where he would raise his hand while nodding and smiling beatifically - as if offering us benediction.’
    • ‘The politician, however, was completely, almost beatifically, unaware of hers.’