Definition of beat up on someone in English:

beat up on someone

phrasal verb

  • See beat

    North American way of saying beat someone up
    • ‘‘The point was to beat up on him,’ said one Democratic aide.’
    • ‘I would never hurt my wife and beat up on her like that.’
    • ‘But I wish people would stop beating up on him for running.’
    • ‘As a result, they're working with him, rather than beating up on him.’
    • ‘They were beating up on him because he was a pickpocket?’
    • ‘I remember when I was younger, and Buster was staying with us up in a house on Emerson Street and he was beating up on her for a whole day.’
    • ‘I was the leader of the opposition for a while, and people beat up on me mercilessly, so I watch it happen to others and think, well, there but for the grace of God go I.’
    • ‘You want to beat up on somebody, take a shot at me.’
    • ‘I frankly believe that you spend all this time beating up on somebody else because you don't have that much to say yourself.’
    • ‘However, she knew that crying would only make her look weak, causing the gang to beat up on her even more.’