Definition of beat the pants off in English:

beat the pants off


  • Prove to be vastly superior to.

    ‘it's an ugly lump of plastic, but it sure beats the pants off the UK model’
    • ‘But of course the best scenario is we beat the pants off our competition and go on as if nothing happened.’
    • ‘It is beating the pants off our other mailer.’
    • ‘It is rare when a company introduces a new line of apparel that literally beats the pants off its competitors.’
    • ‘They never guessed that some of us were beating the pants off of them academically.’
    • ‘While these speakers can't compete with a good home stereo system, they will beat the pants off of ultra-portables and most computer speakers.’
    • ‘California wines have been beating the pants off of French wines for quite a while now.’
    • ‘He told me about a New England bike racer who had his left arm amputated and was beating the pants off everybody.’
    • ‘You have to give Microsoft a lot of credit for beating the pants off of Nintendo in the console gaming market so fast.’
    • ‘It's not an easy thing, coming out with something that beats the pants off your tablemates.’
    • ‘But by exercising tenacity and faithfully staying the course, these companies beat the pants off their competitors.’