Definition of beat the bounds in English:

beat the bounds


  • Mark parish boundaries by walking round them and striking certain points with rods.

    ‘a large procession, headed by the clergyman, would beat the bounds over a period of two days’
    • ‘Many other parish councils organised beating the bounds events and there was already a leaflet outlining a suitable route around the parish.’
    • ‘The Gould and Dickens families organised an unofficial walk to ensure the continuity of the beating the bounds whose origins have been lost in the depths of time.’
    • ‘More than 80 walkers aged from five to their mid-80s took part in the annual beating the bounds ceremony at Ramsbury.’
    • ‘For anyone unable to do the St Richard's sponsored walk on May 15, on May 16 there will be a nine-mile walk to beat the bounds of the parish.’