Definition of beat something out in English:

beat something out

phrasal verb

  • 1Produce a loud, rhythmic sound by striking something.

    ‘he beat out a rhythm on the drums’
    • ‘He is lightly beating out a rhythm which gradually increases in intensity.’
    • ‘The sound she beat out was at once primal and primitive, yet nuanced, complex, flowing.’
    • ‘I took the drumsticks back and started beating a rhythm out.’
    • ‘So even while we're having dinner as the food's being served, the drummer will be beating out a tune on the table as everyone sings along.’
    • ‘She tapped her fingers against the table, beating out a rhythm.’
  • 2Extinguish flames by striking at them with a suitable object.

    ‘he made a frantic dash to grab an armful of branches and beat out the flames’
    • ‘Several men attempted to beat the flames out while water was poured on the fire.’
    • ‘Other men knocked them to the ground and began to beat the flames out savagely.’
    • ‘It screamed as flames surrounded it; screaming, it tried to beat them out.’
    • ‘It carried on relentlessly burning, melting the sole of his shoes as he finally beat the flames out.’
    • ‘They jumped out, took off their jerseys and proceeded to beat the fire out with them.’
    extinguish, put out, quench, smother, douse, snuff out, stifle, choke
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