Definition of beat something down in English:

beat something down

phrasal verb

  • 1Quell defence or resistance.

    ‘the senator had beaten down my last defence’
    • ‘While other people might be beaten down, he seems to rise to the occasion.’
    • ‘Once the enemy artillery had been beaten down, artillery could then be used to support the final stages of the infantry attack.’
    • ‘Rather than being a time to beat people down, the meetings should be a time to pump people up and make them feel good about what they are doing and how the company is doing.’
    • ‘If you want to know if the two stay together, or if society beats her down, you'll have to watch the film.’
    • ‘Kate Hurst, who works at George Lesley Flowers in Cricklade Road, said: ‘I think they are going to just keep submitting this application until they beat us down.’’
    • ‘Above all, realize that if you really care about literature, if you really love literature, then you might help it more by encouraging it than by beating it down.’
    • ‘The media beat us down with their doomsday scenarios, manipulate us with exaggerations, hide the truth with misrepresentations and then we come crawling back when they shamelessly pull at our heartstrings.’
    • ‘It will be about another five weeks for me to beat the thing down before it really becomes a problem.’
    • ‘It turns out that great housekeepers are not beaten down by the relentless grind of cleaning rooms.’
    • ‘That's why instead of letting change beat us down, we should try to master it - surfing on top of the waves instead of letting them pull us under.’
    1. 1.1 Fight to suppress a feeling or emotion.
      ‘she beat down a gush of self-pity’
      • ‘If one has pride, Franklin advises him to ‘disguise it, struggle with it, beat it down, stifle it .’’
      • ‘He fought with an emotion inside himself until it had been beaten down, then he smiled slightly.’
      • ‘My heart fluttered again when I saw him, but I beat it down almost before it started.’
      • ‘A feeling of guilt washed over her, but she beat it down and refused to accept it.’
      • ‘Terror swept through her for a brief moment, before she beat it down and dodged another attack.’