Definition of beat down in English:

beat down

phrasal verb

  • 1(of the sun) radiate intense heat and brightness.

    ‘the sun beat down on them with fiery intensity’
    • ‘With the heat beating down on them, people queued up in front of fresh fruit juice stalls to quench their thirst.’
    • ‘Just being down by the bay was cooler, and the breeze coming off the water was a nice antidote for the bright sun beating down on them from over the hill.’
    • ‘It had been more than three hours since his last break, and the heat was beating down on him relentlessly.’
    • ‘The sun was beating down heating the cold morning air.’
    • ‘It was midday, and the sun beat down with incredible intensity.’
    • ‘You'll choke on dust and faint in the heat of a fierce desert sun that beats down from a jaundiced sky.’
    • ‘She awoke to the bright sunlight beating down on her.’
    • ‘I was standing on the pavement, the heat beating down on the back of my neck.’
    • ‘She stared out at the bright sun beating down on the white sidewalks and the palm trees that lined her street.’
    • ‘Bright sunshine was beating down yesterday on the lines of parked Mercedes and Porsches in well-heeled Ilkley but it has been a dark few days for the town.’
    1. 1.1 (of rain) fall hard and continuously.
      ‘the rain continued to beat down on him’
      • ‘‘There is nothing better than curling up on the settee with a cup of coffee and the papers while the rain beats down on the glass above you,’ he says.’
      • ‘The rain was beating down hard and both Daryl and Melissa were soaked to the bone.’
      • ‘I leaned wearily into MaryAnn's shoulder and sat for a moment, drying my tears and listening to the rain beat down on the roof and windows of the chapel.’
      • ‘I put my hand on my pistol and stepped inside, standing still until my eyes adjusted to the dark, listening to the rain beat down upon the metal roof.’
      • ‘The September rain beat down on the roof incessantly, and the grey, cloudy skies made the whole situation depressing.’
      • ‘The merciless rain beat down so hard, even the thick canopy of the dark woods gave way to the crashing heavy droplets.’
      • ‘The rain seemed to beat down on her until it seemed like it would flood the whole countryside.’
      • ‘With wind, rain and hail stones beating down the girls gave a full-hearted team performance showing good skills and determination.’
      • ‘We hied back to our hotel, where we took refuge under the veranda of the beachfront bar and watched the rain beat down with a tumultuous fury.’
      • ‘At least the rain wasn't beating down on us anymore.’
      pour, pour down, pelt down, tip down, teem down, lash down, sheet down, come down, come down in sheets, come down in torrents, rain cats and dogs
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