Definition of beat (or turn) swords into ploughshares in English:

beat (or turn) swords into ploughshares


  • Devote resources to peaceful rather than warlike ends.

    • ‘The work of a Cotswold charity that keeps alive the idea of beating swords into ploughshares will be highlighted by Comic Relief on Sunday.’
    • ‘As a military member, my association with violence and war appears to compromise my service of the God who would turn swords into plowshares.’
    • ‘Spiritless environmentalism may not ultimately be enough - but spirit-based environmentalism needs to act quickly if it is to show that it has the power to turn swords into ploughshares.’
    • ‘We are turning our swords into ploughshares and this step should be appreciated and followed by all other countries.’
    • ‘Sensible, yes; but the industry is founded on an intimidation infrastructure, and has shown a marked disinclination to beat swords into ploughshares regardless of any cost/benefit rationale.’
    lay down arms, lay down weapons, demilitarize, turn over weapons, decommission arms, decommission weapons, become unarmed
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