Definition of beat-match in English:



[with object]
  • (of a DJ) synchronize the tempos of (two recordings) to enable a smooth transition between them in a set of uninterrupted music.

    ‘if you want to play in a club where the DJ's expected to beat-match records, you'd better develop the skill’
    no object ‘we know how to mix and we know how to beat-match’
    • ‘When you start to DJ the hardest thing is to beat-match.’
    • ‘She can beat-match, mix, or even have the volume at the right level.’
    • ‘While this piece of kit would be fine for some DJs, it won't suit everyone because you can't beat-match with it.’
    • ‘He discussed the connection between music and dance, lamenting producers who make music solely to be beat-matched, and DJs who neglect to adjust their sets to the movements of the crowd.’
    • ‘What I remember the most when DJing for the first time was how to beat-match with monitors.’
    • ‘His early days as a beat-matching hip-hop DJ led him to a lyrical complexity and rhythmic intonation that are simultaneously worthy of your admiration.’
    • ‘Adjust the BPM to manually beat-match and mix tracks, or use the sync option to do it automatically.’