Definition of beasting in English:



mass nounBritish
  • (especially in the armed forces) the process of subjecting a new recruit to harsh treatment in order to instil discipline.

    • ‘Later, before Williams died, Edwards boasted that he had given the "best beasting".’
    • ‘They trained hard but their week was more about bonding than beasting.’
    • ‘It's reported that the Army has an average recruit wastage rate of 50 per cent; because trainees can't take the "beasting" they get from their instructors.’
    • ‘He collapsed from overheating in an alleged episode of what is known in Army slang as "beasting" - pushing someone to their physical and emotional limits.’
    • ‘A few months of intensive beasting from Marty has changed all of that, though.’
    • ‘But he insisted the beasting remained the "substantial" cause of death.’
    • ‘Dennis said the beasting was carried out by regimental police as an "informal summary punishment" intended to "humiliate, push to the limit and hurt".’
    • ‘A junior soldier died of heatstroke after being subjected to an informal Army punishment known as a "beasting", a jury has heard.’
    • ‘Before he died in hospital, one of the officers who oversaw it was boasting to colleagues in the mess that it was the "best beasting of his life".’