Definition of Béarnaise sauce in English:

Béarnaise sauce


mass noun
  • A rich sauce thickened with egg yolks and flavoured with tarragon.

    • ‘It is a constituent of fines herbes, and is often used with tarragon, in Béarnaise sauce, for instance.’
    • ‘‘Yeah,’ I shot back, ‘and I like my mice with a nice Béarnaise sauce.’’
    • ‘I grew up on steak, chips, Béarnaise sauce and garlic mushrooms served at steak-houses.’
    • ‘It's like slathering a Big Mac with Béarnaise sauce and pretending it's filet mignon.’
    • ‘You want the juices to run when you cut into it, staining your chips, mixing up with your Béarnaise sauce and getting your own juices flowing at the same time.’


Béarnaise, feminine of French béarnais ‘of Béarn’, a region of SW France.


Béarnaise sauce

/ˌbeɪəˌneɪz ˈsɔːs/