Definition of bearishly in English:



  • See bearish

    • ‘It was another disjointed week, although one that ended bearishly.’
    • ‘Hareton's whiskers, for example, ‘encroach bearishly over his cheeks'.’
    • ‘At 46, he's 6ft 5in, bearishly built, with a strong jaw and a nose that has taken the scenic route down his face.’
    • ‘Some analysts bearishly predict the market is about to ‘top out‘.’
    • ‘The small caps also had a strong showing with the Russell 2000 rising 5%. For the blue chips, after a very strong start, the week ended bearishly.’
    • ‘Was anyone else disturbed by yesterday's ‘will I greet him or will I biff him’ handshake so bearishly and boorishly inflicted on the PM?’