Definition of beardless in English:



  • See beard

    • ‘The painting - The Calling Of Saints Peter And Andrew - depicts the two saints with a young, beardless Christ.’
    • ‘Recorded in his diary probably in 1685, Mather's vision of a winged, beardless angel sporting a ‘splendid tiara’ is surprising, virtually unprecedented.’
    • ‘David is shown as a young, beardless figure with short, dark hair, clad in a purple chlamys, fastened at the shoulder (though no fibula is represented), beneath which a white and golden yellow garment can be seen.’
    • ‘The man was tall and slender, his body toned and fit, with pale skin and a rather angular face that was beardless.’
    • ‘More problematic yet is the all-male cast, which in the Elizabethan theater featured beardless youths plausible in female roles, but here offers adult men inadvertently or, in one case, deliberately, camping.’
    • ‘And Cargill, now beardless, appeared to enjoy the event, regaling colleagues with a few anecdotes.’
    • ‘He continues his onslaught against all things glamorous, now beardless, but sporting a home-made basin-cut.’
    • ‘His face was smooth and beardless, a testament to his youth, with high cheekbones and a delicate looking nose and mouth.’
    • ‘In the second year, a beardless, spring wheat variety was mixed at planting with the winter wheat varieties so that when the spring wheat died during winter, the result was the desired levels of winterkill damage.’
    • ‘Turning his back he rubbed his beardless chin thoughtfully, ‘Could I be loosing my touch?’’
    • ‘These are followed shortly by the lovely graceful flowers of such beardless types as the Southern species hybrids and spurias.’
    • ‘Principal types of irises are bearded, beardless, crested and bulb.’
    • ‘‘Right,’ the beardless man agreed, knowing his friend had a point.’
    • ‘It suggests a sense of humour, a willingness to make an effort, an aspiration towards the airy, healthy, beardless Scandinavian lifestyle.’
    • ‘The beardless miller's son, dressed in rags, is portrayed creating ex nihilo in the isolation of his bare studio something entirely original out of himself.’
    • ‘Needless to say, the actors' faces at least will be beardless in this production.’
    • ‘They didn't approve of a wandless, robeless, staffless, and most importantly of all, beardless wizard.’
    • ‘The Santa Claus at Southgate Mall does wear a red-and-white suit, but otherwise he's tall, young, thin, beardless - and white.’
    • ‘Ernest Hemingway in his beardless days - a robust and athletic young man’