Definition of beardfish in English:



  • A small bottom-dwelling marine fish of deep water, with a long pair of fleshy barbels beneath the chin.

    Family Polymixiidae and genus Polymixia: several species, in particular P. lowei

    • ‘Polymixia, the beardfish, may belong in the Beryciformes but recent work suggests that it is the sister-group to the paracanthopterygian plus acanthopterygian clades.’
    • ‘Stout beardfish are associated with soft-bottom habitats, where they use their chin barbels to probe the sediments for food.’
    • ‘On Aug. 17, Pearland's Ricky Ramirez landed the state's best lane snapper, 8.2 pounds, and three days later, Gary Kaiser of Van Vleck toppled the existing beardfish (whatever that is) record with one that weighed 4.09 pounds.’
    • ‘Beardfishes live in the Atlantic, Indian, and western Pacific oceans.’
    • ‘My favorite sight was the beardfish (Polymixia nobilis) that were swimming around.’