Definition of bearded dragon in English:

bearded dragon

(also bearded lizard)


  • A semi-arboreal Australian lizard with spiny scales and a large throat pouch bearing sharp spines.

    Genus Pogona (or Amphibolurus), family Agamidae; several species

    • ‘We've also got rabbits and guinea pigs, an aviary with finches and a reptile house with quite a collection of tortoises, snakes, geckos, blue tongued skinks and bearded dragons.’
    • ‘He also came face to face with a bearded dragon - an Australian lizard, stick insects and a tarantula.’
    • ‘Damien Lawrence, 29, pleaded guilty to 11 charges relating to the care of a kitten, nine puppies and a bearded dragon lizard.’
    • ‘Wigan Magistrates Court was told yesterday that the offences related to nine puppies, a kitten, a hamster, mice, a rat, a canary and a bearded dragon lizard.’
    • ‘The Kreutlers bred boas, corn snakes, Madagascar lizards and bearded dragons.’
    • ‘The couple both pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to a black and tan crossbred dog, a ferret and a small ferret, a bearded dragon lizard, five tarantula-type spiders, four chinchillas and four cats.’
    • ‘A bearded dragon and a three-foot long iguana narrowly escaped death when they were abandoned in a car park in sealed airtight boxes.’
    • ‘MINI BEAST expert Kieran Berry gave Year 4 pupils at Kirkby Stephen Primary School hands-on experience of how to care for a wide range of animals, including jungle nymphs, giant train millipede and a bearded dragon lizard called Dude.’
    • ‘Her family home on Gilbert Road is literally stuffed full of life, from her husband and two children, to the family dog, two snakes, two veiled chameleons, two iguanas, three geckos, 12 bearded dragons and a blue-tongued skink, to be exact.’
    • ‘Blue skinks, bearded dragons, crocodiles, alien-looking veiled chameleons, reticulated pythons, leopard tortoises, and tiny glistening frogs and toads of every color.’
    • ‘The couple travelled daily to the Chamber of Secrets film set at Durham Cathedral with up to 26 animals, including bearded dragon lizards, monitor lizards, tortoises, brown mice, an armadillo and a hedgehog.’
    • ‘In the end, they supplied the moviemakers with three monitor lizards and six bearded dragon lizards.’
    • ‘Looking deep into a bearded dragon's gaping mouth is quite enough for this he-man's week.’
    • ‘I have three rabbits and my wife Peggy has an African parrot, a chinchilla, a Shitzu dog and a bearded dragon lizard.’
    • ‘The Newcastle-based trust's pair of bearded dragon lizards were on show throughout the weekend.’
    • ‘The bearded dragon's an animal that also eats insects, Larry.’
    • ‘And when they come in, well people can see that the area has regenerated and you can see the bearded dragon and the goannas and all those little things that are native to this country.’
    • ‘Besides a bubbling programme of flashes and bangs, kids can stroke the centre's resident dragon (an Australian bearded lizard), float eggs from two storeys up using parachutes they've made, and watch Harry Potter on an Imax screen.’
    • ‘There's still room for the indoor pond filled with koi that eat out of your hand, not to mention the 15 aquariums and terrariums housing all manner of fish and reptiles, from freshwater stingrays to a bearded dragon lizard named Rex.’
    • ‘Turtles, tortoises, iguanas, bearded dragon, a Mali uromastyx, and snakes alike had water changed.’